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Roadway Design

From complex to simple, CPI International has you covered when it comes to transportation design in East Africa.

We provide a wide array of services related to roadway design in Africa. We are happy to help you with your next project and our staff has specific experience in the following areas: ​


Highway and Local Roads in Tanzania and All of East Africa

  • Primary roadway design

  • Urban intersection redesign

  • Safety Improvements 

  • Signal system design

  • Limited access road design

East African Transit

  • Rapid bus systems

  • Commuter railway station design

  • Intermodal connectivity design (park and ride facilities)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Systems in East Africa 

  • Non-motorized system planning, design, and programming

  • Shared-use facility and system design

  • Bicycle and pedestrian bridge and tunnel design


Contact us today to get your next roadway design project started down the path of excellence. We are experts in helping our clients achieve success in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, and all of East Africa.

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