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Engineering Project Management

Project management in East Africa doesn't have to give you a headache. Let CPI International save you time and money. 


At CPI International, we have a solid education in the technical aspects of construction and engineering. Our technical knowledge is coupled with strong managerial skills and experience, especially as it relates to construction in Tanzania. 


We know how to manage essential project personnel and motivate them to achieve excellence. We are expert managers with the right experience to go along with our skills. 


Communication is a huge factor in construction project management. We will communicate with you and other key stakeholders to effectively get the job done without any confusion. 


In addition to general project management services, we offer project planning, procurement services, scheduling, and budgeting assistance as well as contract administration and project control. 


When you're looking for a project management firm in East Africa, CPI International is at your service. Contact us today to meet your next construction consultant in Africa. 


We are experts in helping our clients achieve success in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, and all of East Africa. 

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